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outlook of Esfahan from kooh Sofeh Mountain by: Adel Fotuhinia

Sofeh Mountain is Isfahanian's favorite mountain.

 Every morning and every night people use it for walking together until mountain peak and families spend few hours together for walking or picnic in its beautiful park
 And skilled mountain climbers use other side of the mountain for climbing
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A Snow Day by: Adel Fotuhinia

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Memorable time in Iran;Holy month of Muharram ( December -23/2013 by: Adel Fotuhinia

Muharram is the first month in the Islamic calendar and a time of mourning and peace. Each Iran cities has special custom during these days

For example, T’aziyah (kind of street theater) which is commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Held these days





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Isfahan Metropolis by: Adel Fotuhinia

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Flowers Garden by: Adel Fotuhinia

  Flowers Garden" does not have a general description"It is need to be noticeable in heart and soul

let's cast our eyes over this attractive garden


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Roses by: Adel Fotuhinia

Roses have been around for about 32 million years and it’s too true that “The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.” Roses are especially romantic, but if you ever give roses to someone, do you select the color based on that person’s favorite color, or yours? Or do you select roses based on the meaning and symbolism of the rose color? After hopping around on the web, it’s a bit confusing when you consider the diversity of meanings that rose colors can symbolize. Maybe if you can’t afford real roses, then you can send someone special this wide variety, a rainbow of colored virtual roses


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Nowruz1392 OR 2013>Sizdah Bedar Celebrating by: Adel Fotuhinia


On Sizdah Bedar, many big cities in Iran look empty and unpopulated and as almost all the inhabitants gone to enjoy the day in woods and mountains along stream and riversides”. At the end of their picnics people throw away the green sprouts, known as Sabzeh (from the traditional Haft Seen table that they prepared for the first day of New Year





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Flag Fiying by: Adel Fotuhinia

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Recent Posts outlook of Esfahan from kooh Sofeh Mountain A Snow Day Memorable time in Iran;Holy month of Muharram ( December -23/2013 Isfahan Metropolis Flowers Garden Roses Nowruz1392 OR 2013>Sizdah Bedar Celebrating Flag Fiying Abyaneh a famous historic Iranian village near the city of Natanz in Isfahan
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